Meet US Adult Soccer’s Region I

With National Cup Competition’s Regional Rounds in full swing for the US Amateur Cup, and the USASA Werner Fricker Open Cup let’s take a look at the US Adult Soccer Association’s Region I. 

One region made up of 14 state associations, and over 60,000 players, over 100 years of history in soccer dating back to 1913 and the founding of the US Soccer Federation. That is Region I of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) by statistical definition. Like most things, the truth of what Region I is, who Region I people are and what they do is much more complex.

Amateur Soccer in the United States is organized and has been since before the beginning of the US Soccer Federation (USSF). The Amateurs founded the Federation and paved the way for everything we have in soccer today. I wrote once about our game and its development of players, “This game is organized and it aims at a high level of play, club, and league loyalty and a continuity of players.” I hope now to use this piece to illustrate how Region I as a key area of four, demonstrates this ideal across its borders.

United States Adult Soccer Association
The United States Adult Soccer Association is the governing body of Amateur Soccer in the US. As part of the USSF, USASA is the only member of the Adult Council. The USASA is the “premier national soccer organization dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America” (

US Adult Soccer is divided into four regions and 54 national state associations. The Association has a 14 seat Board of Directors that consists of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, four regional directors, four regional deputy directors, and two at-large members. The current President is Region I’s John Motta, of New Hampshire (Who is also the past Vice President of the USSF), and the current Vice President is Arthur Mattson of Florida. Region I Director Fritz Marth and Region I Deputy Director Anthony Falcone sit on the Board and East Penn’s Werner Fricker is currently one of the two At-Large members.

Region ONE
The territory of Region I includes the following state Associations:

  • Connecticut State Soccer Association
  • Delaware Soccer Association
  • Eastern New York State Soccer Association
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association
  • Maryland State Soccer Association
  • Massachusetts Adult State Soccer Association
  • Metropolitan DC-VA Soccer Association
  • New Hampshire Soccer Association
  • New Jersey Soccer Association
  • Pennsylvania West Soccer Association
  • Rhode Island Soccer Association
  • Vermont State Soccer Association
  • West Virginia Soccer Association
  • Western New York Soccer Association

Though the forerunner to USASA, The Senior Division of the United States Soccer Federation, was organized in 1982, a number of these state associations took part in the founding of US Soccer in 1913. Later it was made a separate entity affiliated with the USSF. It is important to note, therefore that Region I has a history in soccer that is over 100 years old. It has seen the organizations, the re-organizations, the birth, and the re-birth of clubs, teams, and leagues both professional and amateur. The culture of Region I soccer has continued to live on through every set of structural and administrative changes.

Region I Elite US Amateur Leagues
USASA recognizes elite leagues they consider “the torch bearers of the game in the US.” Region I is proud to have six of their top member leagues with this distinction: 

  • Cosmopolitan Soccer League – Eastern New York & New Jersey
  • Long Island Soccer Football League – Eastern New York
  • Maryland Major Soccer League – Maryland
  • Rochester District Soccer League – Western New York
  • United Soccer League of Pennsylvania – Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Washington Premier Soccer League – Maryland

ONE Game
In 2014 Region I had major success in the National Cups. Clubs from their state associations brought home all three of the national titles.

  • Christos FC O-30 (MD) – Gerhard Mengel US Over-30 Cup
  • Maryland Bays (MD) – Werner Fricker Open Cup
  • NY Greek American Atlas (ENY) – US Amateur Cup

So many of the historic clubs and teams have been from Region I. When you look at the history of soccer in this country, like any American history, it begins on the East Coast. If for example, Region IV is the frontier, Regions II and III the marrow, then Region I is the foundation. As a nation of soccer, we need all four Regions to exist. Region I take very seriously its position serving the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic.


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