US Adult Soccer Stages National Championship Series

Soccer is a competition. We categorize it as a game, but for clubs across the country soccer has a more defined appeal in that there is opportunity to achieve a success at a local, state, regional, and eventually national stage. It is inherent that there will be winners and losers, but from a larger perspective, clubs play because they want to achieve a level of play and success within a team unit. The competitions of US Adult Soccer provide the venue for this need. Now in 2015, they will all take place in one location over six days.

The National Championship Series includes the Veterans Cup, the Women’s Championships, the Men’s U23 Championships, and the National Cups. The Hampton Roads Soccer complex will host these matches. The Veterans Cup will begin on the 14 and play through the weekend. The Women’s Championships begin on the 16 and the U23 on the 17.

The weekend also features, according to, the “historic” National Amateur and Open Cups. This year will be the final year that US Adult Soccer holds the Werner Fricker Open Cup. The US National Amateur cup dates to 1914 and is the “crowned jewel” of USASA according to Fritz Marth, Region I Director.

Four teams representing the four regions will compete to win the national title in each cup respectively. In addition to the Open and Amateur, the Over-30 Cup named for onetime member Gerhard Mengel will take place as well.


Thursday, July 16 | In Sportsplex Stadium:
6:00pm | Legends FC (Region 3) vs. Quinto Elemento (Region 2)
8:00pm | Olympic Club (Region 4) vs. Maryland Bays (Region 1)

Friday, July 17 | In Sportsplex Stadium:
7:15pm | Championship Final (Winner of Game 2 vs. Winner of Game 1)


Friday, July 17 | In Sportsplex Stadium:
2:00pm | CD Motagua (Region 3) vs. RWB Adria (Region 2)
4:00pm | Chula Vista (Region 4) vs. West Chester United (Region 1)

Saturday, July 18 | In Sportsplex Stadium:
2:00pm | Championship Final (Winner of Game 2 vs. Winner of Game 1)

See the full schedules for the National Championship Series at the links below:

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