Region I Releases 2016 Qualifying Dates

REGION I, Cup competitions have been underway in a number of the states in the region since the fall of 2015. This week the Region I Executive committee announced a projected schedule for the 2016 cup qualifying. That schedule, which includes the US Amateur Cup, the Werner Fricker Open Cup, and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup is listed as follows:

  • 3 April – First Round if necessary for Cups with more than 8 teams
  • 10 April – Amateur Cup Quarterfinals
  • 17 April – Open Cup Quarterfinals
  • 24 April – O30 Cup Quarterfinals
  • 1 May – Amateur Cup Semifinals
  • 8 May – Make-up date
  • 15 May – Open Cup Semifinals
  • 22 May – O30 Cup Semifinals
  • 29 May – Memorial Day Weekend – no play
  • 5 June – Make-up date
  • 12 June – Make-up date
  • 19 June – Region I Finals

This information plus more is available via the Region I Website.


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