Region I Finalizes 2016 Fricker Open Cup Schedule

REGION I, All the participating State Associations have determined their champions that will now play in the Region I rounds of the Werner Fricker Open Cup:

  • Quarterfinal Round – 10 April
    • Everton Westchester (ENY) v FC Motown (NJ)
    • FSA Inter (CT) v Kendall Wanderers (MA)
    • Hammers FC (MDCVA) v Phoenix SC (EPA)
    • FC Yemen (WNY) v Christos FC (MD)
  • Semifinal Round – 15 May
    • Everton/Motown v Inter/Kendall Wanderers
    • Hammers/Phoenix SC v Yemen/Christos
  • Final – 19 June

Get schedules and match results for the Werner Fricker Open at Region I at LeagueApps

According to, “The Werner Fricker Open Cup and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup will likely be competed by the regional champions of Regions I and II. In both cups, the regional winners will have an opportunity to place a bid to host their respective final. Likely dates for those finals are 24 July and 31 July. If there appears to be any interest from the other two regions, then appropriate format changes will be considered.”

Let’s hope that Region I and II get together on these competitions and we see the great soccer coming out of these competitions like we have in the past!

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