What really happened to the W.Fricker and G.Mengel Cups?

The title asks the question very plainly. We’ve noted in almost every piece here at uscupsoccer.co that the national cup competitions are under fire and that some have even been eliminated. We strive to keep up the promotion of the ones that remain and the regions and states that have continued them with or without the national association.

The US Adult Soccer Association makes the minutes of their AGM, Mid-Year, Adult Council, and Executive Commitee meetings available at their website, www.usadultsoccer.com. It is amongst those minutes we found some of the following information.


  • On May, 30 2015 the United States Adult Soccer Association National Board of Directors voted to “eliminate the USASA Open Cup (currently called the Werner Fricker Cup), beginning in 2016 and allow any USASA registered player to participate in what is currently known as the National Amateur Cup.” (Source: usadultsoccer.com)

Those very minutes note that with the US Soccer Federation taking over local qualifying of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, was part of the discussion surrounding the decision.


  • On May, 30 2015 the United States Adult Soccer Association National Board of Directors voted that the Over-30 Cup is no longer a national event. It was noted in the minutes from that meeting that regions could still hold the event if they choose. (source: usadultsoccer.com)

We have seen from Region I an outpouring of support for both of these competitions and they are determined to host them. They have alluded to Region II participation as well, though uscupsoccer.co has not been able to get that word from the source as of yet.

6 thoughts on “What really happened to the W.Fricker and G.Mengel Cups?

  1. For the record, I have made it publicly known that if all 4 Regions have a Regional winner in either the Fricker Cup or the Mengel Cup, that we would hold a National Competition for those two Cups! From what I understand, Region 1 and 2 will hold a Regional Competition. If Region 3 and 4 does the same and the winners want to come to a National Cups event, we will hold it during the Soccer Fest in Denver. I will wait to see what the Regions do.

    John Motta, President
    United States Adult Soccer Association

  2. For the record, the USASA NBOD decided to end the competitions for financial reasons despite the history behind these cups, especially the Werner Fricker Open Cup. The Lamar Hunt Open Cup is a different competition that does allow amateur sides to participate but realistically, our teams are limited going against professional teams. The past winners of the Werner Fricker Open Cup do not associate with the Sporting Kansas City, DC United, Seattle Sounders, Chicago Fire or other professional clubs that have lifted the trophy in the past 20 years. They do however associate with the Bethlehem Steel, Maccabi Los Angeles, Fall River Marksmen and first winner of the National Challenge Cup, Brooklyn Field Club. These were teams that are part of the history of the game in the US. We still have amateur clubs that continue to compete who have won the Open Cup in the past such as Greek American Atlas, New York Pancyprian and Ukrainian Nationals. Region I is committed to keeping this tradition and has opened both the Werner Fricker Open Cup and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup to all of the Regions. Region II will play in both and Region III expects to send a team to the Mengel O30. While Mr. Motta has repeatedly stated that regional winners are welcomed to play in Denver, he has not committed any funding to help the teams to participate.

  3. Region 1 and 2 seem to be the exceptions. And I think this is because, geographically speaking, it’s easier for teams to travel for these competitions. Particularly region 1. As you move west and south, travel becomes more restrictive due to greater distances. This makes it difficult for the amateur player to plan accordingly when career and family take priority.

    The solution might lie it more (smaller) regions. Make it easier for teams to compete by reducing travel in early rounds of competition. As teams move forward, travel will increase. But those teams usually find a way.

    1. We have done that in Region I where our draws are split between north and south. We still have some draws that will require travel. For instance, we have a team in Maryland traveling to Buffalo,NY (Western New York is just as far away in either case). But it is upon the regions to come up with solutions to encourage competition.


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