Region I Semi Looms for 2016 Amateur Cup

REGION I, The results are in for the first and quarterfinal rounds of the Amateur cup in Region I. Now only Lansdowne Bhoys, Southie FC, Christos FC, and Phoenix Sport Club Remain. The results and schedules are listed below:

  • First Round – 3 April
    • Newtown Pride FC (CT) 0:3 Lansdowne Bhoys (ENY)
    • Jersey Shore Boca (NJ) 1:2 Christos FC (MD)
  • Quarterfinal Round – 17 April
    • Trenton Rebels (MSSL) 4:4 (5:6 PK’s) v Southie FC (MA)
    • BSC Raiders (WNY) 1:2 Phoenix SC (EPA)
    • Christos FC (MD) 7:2 Dulles Cannons (MDCVA)
  • Semifinal Round – 30 April / 1 May
    • Lansdowne Bhoys (ENY) v Southie FC (MA)
    • Christos FC (MD) v Phoenix SC (EPA)
  • Final – 19 June

You can also find the match schedule and any results that roll in at Region I at LeagueApps.


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