There is More on the Line than Cup Competitions

It’s a Friday afternoon and you are sitting out back with a cold drink. There is catchy rock & roll music playing. The breeze brings the smell of your fresh cut grass to your nose. It triggers something in you and you use your phone, your tablet, your laptop or even a good old newspaper in some cases to check the standings and schedule of your local amateur team. Then and there you are prepared for what game you’ll be seeing, what club or park you’ll be at, in just one more day. It is the weekend and that means amateur soccer.

Saturday, July 30, 2016 there is more on the line than just the cup titles to be won. It is the weekend, and that does mean amateur soccer. In this case, what’s on the line is a way of life. It has been threatened, but the work of a small group of individuals that manage this game and the dedication of the clubs that play it, is keeping that way of life alive.

For soccer to be “our game for life,” we have to play it. On the weekend of July 30, some of the best amateur teams in this country will do just that. There is more on the line than just the championships, for those championships are a prestigious part of a soccer way of life. Playing them, winning them, and even losing them, keeps the soccer way of life alive.

Go see the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup Final 4 at the Phoenix Sport Club in East Penn, or the Werner Fricker Open Cup Final at Troy Park in Elkridge, Maryland. If geography will prevent you from coming in person follow along on twitter @uscupsoccer or on the USASA Region I Facebook page and others like it.

There is a lot on the line. Take ownership of your way of life and show the naysayers that “We Play Soccer!”

One thought on “There is More on the Line than Cup Competitions

  1. it is tradition. It is history. It is the gra that kept this sport going for so many years until professional soccer got itself established. As Tommy Smyth tweeted on our Region I Twitter, grassroots soccer is what makes the game grow.


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