Christos FC: Maryland Treble Champions 2017

MARYLAND, Christos FC return in 2017 for the Maryland Rowland Cup, the Maryland Stewart Cup, and the Maryland Over-30 Cup 2016-2017 titles. The Rowland Cup is the state’s Open Cup and has been played all the way back to 1914. The Stewart Cup is the state’s Amateur Cup that was first played in 1932. Winning all three of the Maryland Cups, Christos FC seems to be on track to keep up it’s high level reputation in 2017. Christos FC is the reiging National Champion for the Werner Fricker Open Cup and the US Amateur Cup having taken both titles in 2016.

On February 12, in a 1:0 win in extra time Christos, the state Open title.

In a 1:0 win over Yinz United on March, 12 Christos took the State Amateur title for 2017.

In a 4:0 win over Mando Ramos FC, Christos FC took the Maryland Over-30 Cup title and can claim the Maryland treble.


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