REGION I, All state associations out of USASA’s Region I have completed qualifying for the Werner Fricker Open Cup and the Quarterfinal Regional Round is complete. The two semifinals are took place on May 14 with Christos FC and Lansdowne Bhoys taking the two final round slots.

The schedule and results are as follows:

Quarterfinal Round – 23 April

  • Kendall Wanderers FC (MA) 0:3 Lansdowne Bhoys FC (ENY)
  • FC Motown (NJ) 5:1 FSA Inter (CT)
  • Christos FC (MD) 3:2 e.t. Junior Lone Star (EPA)
  • Hammers FC (MDCVA) 0:1 Clarence Coyotes (WNY)

Semifinal Round – 14 May

  • Lansdowne Bhoys FC (ENY) 2:1 FC Motown (NJ)
  • Clarence Coyotes (WNY) 0:1 Christos FC (MD)

Final – 18 June

  • Christos FC (MD) v Lansdowne Bhoys FC (ENY)

You can keep track of the schedule and scores at and through their LeagueApps schedule.

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