U.S. Nat. Donauschwaben Tournament brings together Culture and Historic Amateur Clubs

We’re going to start by printing some numbers:

US Amateur Cup Titles

  • German Hungarian S.C. (Brooklyn) – 1951
  • Carpathia Kickers (Detroit) – 1962 (Finalist 1968, 2010)
  • German Hungarians (Philadelphia) – 1965 (Finalist 1964, 1970, 1977, 1999)
  • Chicago Kickers – 1966, 1968, 1970 (Finalist 1975)
  • Milwaukee Sport Club – (Finalist 1997)

That is combined, 6 Championship titles and 8 Finalist titles in the US Amateur Cup.

What do all these 5 clubs have in common? They are all clubs that claim Donauschwaben, or German-Hungarian, culture and had founders that were ethnic Germans that hailed from the former Kingdom of Hungary, especially in the Danube River valley. These are 5 of the most successful of these Donauschwaben clubs, the ones that have made marks in the greater US National Amateur Cup history. They’ve been to final fours, and have come out winners on occasion. Some have been back multiple times in their storied histories sometimes playing against each other. What makes us call these clubs out this week is a unique tradition in friendship and competition that they well as others from their same background have every year on Memorial Day weekend. They have a national cup of their own, that they host annually for all other clubs that are members of their national association.

The U.S. National Donauschwaben Soccer Tournament

This National Tournament is in it’s 43rd year this year and remains a strong part of the Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A. Three of the clubs mentioned above, the Carpathia Kickers, the German Hungarians (Phila.), and the Milwaukee Sport club as well as Akron GFS, Chicago Green White, and Cleveland Concordia, will descend on the Mansfield Liederkranz for this year’s tournament over the weekend of May 27 and 28.

The clubs will compete in three divisions, Major Men, Over-35 Men, and Women. Schedules for these competitions have been made available at www.donauschwabenusa.org

Many of these clubs have been playing in this tournament since the first one in 1975. The weekend is a competitive tournament with true amateur soccer on the field and a wonderful camaraderie off the field between the players, staff and fans from these many clubs. This year the organization has a new traveling trophy to be won by the club that come out on top in the Major Men Division.

While the clubs mentioned above have deep running traditions in the American amateur game and continue today to play in the US Amateur Cup they take very seriously also their play together against clubs that come from the same places as them with similar customs and dedication to soccer and culture.

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