Region I & Region II top out the table of US Amateur Cup Titles

It came up on twitter this week the question of what region can boast the most clubs having won the US Amateur Cup.

While the communications folks at Bavarian Soccer Club made a quick look speculation we wanted to answer the question affirmatively.

This morning we did the sorting for the US Amateur Cup Champions and updated the history pages of this site with color a color coded key. Check out ‘FRITZ MARTH’ U.S. AMATEUR CUP page for the full list!

Want to know how each region measures up?

  • Region I – 45 Championship Titles
  • Region II – 35 Championship Titles
  • Region IV – 8 Championship Titles
  • Region III – 7 Championship Titles

*These quantities are calculated  as of the writing of this post 7.31.2017
*Though the competition out-dates the formation of the regions this list is calculated based on state association membership of the contemporary landscape 
*The US Amateur Cup was founded in 1923 but no winner was declared that year
*In 1928 Swedish Americans F.C. of Detroit, MI and Hudson Powers Essex S.C. of Fall River, MA were declared co-champions therefore this list gives one championship each to Regions 1 and 2 for that year


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