What does the US Amateur Cup mean to you?

Many years ago on the shining American continent a golden age of powerful clubs and the top notch players drove huge interest in national competitions and wrought an Amateur Challenge Cup to complement the already standing National Challenge Cup.
The National Amateur Cup lives on today in the hands of the United States Adult Soccer Association. Since 1923, over 90 titles have been won across the United States. Hotbeds have come and gone. Places like Fall River, Mass, Chicago, IL and Milwaukee Wisconsin have had multiple clubs win multiple times, and some even continue today.
This year particularly the excitement over the Cup has built and grown in part due to social media but also credit goes to the clubs that are the torchbearers of the respect and the prestige of the US Amateur Cup! This year, US Adult Soccer unveiled a new solid silver trophy named for the legendary Fritz Marth adding a new layer of history and recognition to the competition.

We posed the question on twitter, and below are a selection of the responses we received.

Read more about that here: Bavarian Soccer Club to Host US Amateur Cup Final Four

To follow related accounts on twitter for the National Final four of the US Amateur Cup and the other relates cups you can use the new National Finals 2017 twitter list.

As always follow the teams, clubs, state associations and the region as well as @uscupsoccer

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