Lansdowne Bhoys are 2017 Amateur Cup Champions and take 1st Fritz Marth Trophy

MILWAUKEE, Saturday night the Lansdowne Bhoys of Eastern New York in Region I won the 2017 US Amateur Cup Championship and were awarded the first ever Fritz Marth Trophy.

These awards came after a hard fought battle of a match with hosts and storied soccer club Bavarian SC. Regulation ended in a 2:2 tie and then overtime finished with the same score line. After 10 rounds of shooters the Bhoys won the match with a 9:8 score line in penalty kicks.

This wasn’t the only match the Bhoys played this weekend to win the title. On Friday night the side won 1:0 over Eric Wynalda and the LA Wolves of Cal South. The Wolves went on to play and win the third place match over Kickers FC Saturday.

This year United States Adult Soccer Association created a new traveling Amateur Cup Trophy and named it for the legendary Fritz Marth. Lansdowne Bhoys being the first club to win it holds some special value to the family as well as the club. Marth’s son and Region I director spoke about awarding Fritz Marth’s trophy to a club from Fritz Marth’s League it before awarding the side the cup.

And with that the 2017 US Amateur Cup is over! Another club has been added to the Champions Map and that club earned a star!

What’s great about the US Amateur Cup is that when the champion is crowned in the summer months, we always know that state qualifying for the next one starts soon with the beginning of the fall season.

This is US Amateur Cup Soccer signing off for the 2016-2017 cup season. Thank you and see you soon!

Featured Photo by John P. Motta



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