There’s Fight in Amateur Soccer

We had a few old timers around the club that used to say when they stopped coming to the matches every Sunday things like “I can get better soccer on my Tv these days” but most of us knew that was an excuse to not have to go out.

I was thinking about Amateur Soccer and why, other than the fact that I grew up a German Hungarian and staunch supporter of my club, I enjoy so much my local teams and especially the National Cup matches on the Amateur Level.

There is fight in good matches of Amateur Soccer.

Last night the 2017 dual Champion Lansdowne Bhoys faced legends NY Greek Americans in the first round of the Eastern New York US Amateur Cup. After a hard fought match it ended in penalties with last year’s champs Falling to the Veteran Greeks.

All I could say after following along in twitter was “this is Soccer” and that’s why we here at Amateur Cup Media we love the US Amateur Cup.

This got me thinking about a passage from my club, the German Hungarians soccer history that appeared in 1972 in our 50 Years of Sport and Soccer Souvenir Book.

50th Anniversary Cover“At the time there was a lot more body contact allowed, charging the goal tender was permissible, and these conditions were cause for many rough and hard-fought games.”

In 1923, the German Hungarians (at the time Banater Athletic Club) was building its first soccer team and the description above is how the players described the Amateur Game at the time.

Then, there was fight in Amateur Soccer.

While today we aren’t crashing the keeper, the matches at the Amateur level have a rawness, a roughness, and the best matches are when you see the players fighting for the ball and fighting for the win because playing next week depends upon winning this week.

Making it look easy is great to see but it isn’t the same as seeing someone work hard to win.

Why do I love Amateur Soccer?

There is fight in Amateur Soccer.


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