What is Amateur Soccer?

So my team lost last night. They lost big. I’m talking four goals to our big zero. I wasn’t there at the match because the club was hosting two big local semifinal matches in the Philadelphia Catholic league. That’s high school level and that’s also when all the rents and such still come to their kids’ matches.

So while I was working at the club, the boys were out in West Chester for the first round match of the local East Penn Open Cup. That’s the one USASA named for my grandfather before they scratched it off the docket nationally. That cup still means a lot to clubs out there and that’s why they still play it. When our GM who happens to be my brother W3 sent me this picture before kickoff I for some reason felt like this match meant a little more because it’s got Werner Fricker’s name on it and besides him being my family he’s considered the “human dynamo” of the German Hungarians.

Some part of me felt like this match was ours to win. Some part of me said that the German Hungarians take a tiny ounce of ownership of this cup because it’s got our man’s name on it.

Was I wrong? I don’t think I was despite the big loss we ended the night with. What I realized was that it wasn’t our ownership to win it. It was our ownership to enter it, promote it, play in it and keep it going. Yes, even if that means being shellacked 4:0.

A few days ago a fellow member messaged me saying “No one loves that team or U.G.H. more than you.”

That made me feel good that someone would notice the passion I have and comment on it in such a nice way. It’s not totally true, however, because there are a whole heap of us that care about the club and our team that much. The same way that our club takes ownership over the competitions we play so that they are continued, the individuals that make up our club take ownership of the team, the badge, to make sure that it continues.

We might miss games for other club commitments, but we are following along on our phones and in our hearts because we love the club, the team, and the game.

It’s no different in countless amateur soccer clubs across the country. Veteran clubs stick around because of people that care, and newly formed ones get to be veteran ones for the same reason.

That is Amateur Soccer.

One thought on “What is Amateur Soccer?

  1. Went to my first UGH match a couple weekends ago and fell in love. Looking forward to showing up on Sundays to support the team now! No doubt there is a charm to amateur soccer in the US and I’d encourage everyone to support your local club. There really is nothing like it!


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