Region I releases projected 2018 Cup Schedule

REGION I, The regional website was updated with information about the 2018 regional cups including a projected schedule of match dates. Check back at under cups for most up to date information.

2018 Projected Cup Schedule

  • 8 April – Amateur or Werner Fricker Cup First Round or Quarterfinals
  • 15 April – Amateur or Werner Fricker Cup Quarterfinals
  • 22 April – Amateur or Werner Fricker Cup Quarterfinals
  • 29 April – Gerhard Mengel Cup Quarterfinals
  • 6 May – Amateur or Werner Fricker Cup Semifinals
  • 6 May – Over-40 Cup Quarterfinal or Semifinal
  • 13 May – Amateur or Werner Fricker Cup Semifinals
  • 20 May – Gerhard Mengel Cup Semifinals
  • 27 May – Memorial Day – no games
  • 3 June – Over-40 Cup Semifinal
  • 3 June – Make-up date
  • 10 June – Make-up date
  • 16 June – U23 Group Play
  • 17 June – Finals

The Region I website notes:

We expect another strong showing of cup competitions throughout our Region. Some of our members have already started qualifiers in October. The regional rounds begin in April and conclude with the finals likely at the Ukrainian American Sports Center in Horsham, Pennsylvania in June.

12 thoughts on “Region I releases projected 2018 Cup Schedule

    1. Dennis, for the Open and the Amateur each state would determine one state champion that moves on to the regional rounds. Again not every state holds a competition.

  1. Thanks Michael. Does every Region 1 state usually send one amateur and one open cup winner/representative to the regional rounds of each respective tournament?

  2. Lots of good information. It’s greatly appreciated. Are the quarters and semi rounds held at neutral sites or at the home field of one of the clubs?

  3. Do the USASA amateur and/or open cup winners gain automatic entry into the US open cup? I think I read on Twitter that one of those winners will be gaining automatic entry. Also, not sure if this information is on your site, but how does the USASA determine what amateur clubs enter the first round of the US Open Cup?

  4. I’m assuming every region I state has a different amateur cup tournament format, but are the clubs that enter the amateur cup tournament the clubs that finished the highest or champion of their respective elite amatuer league?

    Also, every state probably has a different amateur open cup format too, but is the state amateur open cup open to any amateur club that signs up or is it primarily for the top sides of their respective state league?

    1. The Region I Open and Amateur Cups Are Open to any team that plays in an affiliated league. Any team in any affiliated league can enter so it’s not just the champions or highest ranked teams.


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