How is the U.S. Amateur Cup Structured?

Some things you know, and you just know them. One of our goals here is to promote the U.S. Amateur Cup being the media center for coverage of it. We’ve noticed recently that as the visibility of the competition grows more and more clubs are aware of it, but some are not totally in the know about how the competition is structured from the state level all the way up to the final four and eventual Champion.

We made the mistake for some time, not realizing that just because we just know it doesn’t mean that everyone else just knows it. So here below is a little description of how the U.S. Amateur Cup is structured.


There are 50+ national state associations in the United States and at the NSA level is where the U.S. Amateur Cup begins. State Associations run qualifying rounds of the cup. Some states use a single elimination format while others run a tournament style competition. A full list of the state associations can be found at

Or you can search by Region right here at

Once each state declares a state champion that champion moves on to the next round of qualifying in the region.

How is the US Amateur Cup Structured?
We sketched up this diagram the other day and tweeted it out. Here we drew up a cleaner version for use online. State rounds lead to regional rounds, to national finals and to one champion!


State Champions advance to regional rounds of the cup. The four regions each have slightly different formats. Some have interstate matches that narrow down the competition to a regional final that determines the regional champ. Other regions use a tournament style competition. These often vary season to season depending on entries. Usually Regional rounds finish up in June and July in order to be ready for the finals that take place in summer.

Check out the four regions to find out schedule and format info.


The four regions each qualify one champion club that moves on to the final four. The last few years, US Adult Soccer has opened the bidding to the four finalists to host the final four. The last two years the final four have been in Region II hosted both times by their regional champion Bavarian Soccer club for example. Usually in August the final four usually takes place on one weekend. Friday night, semifinal matches will take place and Saturday, the Championship final and the third-place match take place.

These semifinal matches are usually determined by a draw that takes place in Chicago at the national office. Since 2017 the winner of the competition is awarded the U.S. Amateur Cup Title as well as the Fritz Marth Trophy.

This is just the loose structure of the competition from bottom to top. What do we suggest to really get to know the U.S. Amateur Cup, (after you read about it on Get out there and get involved in your club, at your state level and see local cup matches.

4 thoughts on “How is the U.S. Amateur Cup Structured?

  1. Good information about the structure of the amateur cup. I could see more American soccer fans getting into the amatuer game with articles like this.

  2. Is the Amateur Open Cup (Werner Fricker) structured the same way as the Amateur Cup?


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