TFC Gunners: MDCVSA 2018 Amateur Cup Champs

TFC Gunners
TFC Gunners

VIRGINIA, On Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19, Metro-DC Virginia Soccer Association held their Amateur Cup Tournament and after two days of great Amateur Soccer, TFC Gunners came out on top taking the state title and the slot in Region I qualifying.

Five clubs from the state entered the cup and played in the round robin style tournament.

  • TFC Gunners- NVSL- Northern Virginia Soccer League
  • Benchwarmers- NVASA- Northern Virginia Adult Soccer Association
  • Rampage- NVSL- Northern Virginia Soccer League
  • Hammers- NVSL- Northern Virginia Soccer League
  • Loko FC- CVSA- Central Virginia Soccer Association

The Northern Virginia Soccer League again hosted the cup this year and the following match scores led to TFC’s title.

  • Saturday Matches
    • TFC Gunners 4:1 Benchwarmers
    • Rampage 0:3 Hammers
    • Loko FC 2:5 TFC Gunners
    • Benchwarmers 1:2 Rampage
    • Hammers 6:0 Loko FC
  • Sunday Matches
    • TFC Gunners 2:0 Rampage
    • Benchwarmers 2:4 Hammers
    • Loko FC 3:0 Rampage
    • TFC Gunners 3:1 Hammers

More information about the MDCVA cup can be found at


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