Region I Rounds of the 2018 US Amateur Cup [UPDATE – 3/20/18]

REGION I, The Region I cup draw for the US Amateur Cup Qualifying took place at the US Soccer AGM in Orlando.

Participating States

  • Newtown Pride FC (CT)
  • NY Greek American SC (ENY)
  • West Chester Majors (EPA)
  • Maryland (in progress)
  • Safira Soccer (MA)
  • TFC Gunners (MDCVA)
  • NH Rapids FC (NH)
  • New Jersey (in progress)
  • Lincoln Club de Futbol (RI)
  • BSC Raiders (WNY)

The schedule and draw are as follows:

8 April – First Round

  • NH Rapids (NH) [H] v Newtown Pride FC (CT)
  • TFC Gunners (MDCVA) [H] v BSC Raiders (WNY)

22 April – Quarterfinals

  • Safira Soccer (MA) [H] v NY Greek American SC (ENY)
  • New Hampshire/Connecticut [H] v Lincoln Club de Futbol (RI)
  • Maryland [H] v West Chester Major (EPA)
  • TFC Gunners (MDCVA)/Western New York [H] v New Jersey

13 May – Semifinals

  • Safira Soccer/NY Greek American SC v NH Rapids/Newtown Pride FC/Lincoln Club de Futbol
  • Maryland/ West Chester Major v TFC Gunners/BSC Raiders/New Jersey

16 June – Final – Ukrainian American Sports Center

You can keep track of the qualified clubs, the schedules and the scores at, as well as on twitter and facebook.

As always follow the teams, clubs, state associations and the region. Get all the latest news at, Follow us on twitter @amateurcupmedia and join the community in our facebook group.



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