2018 US Amateur Cup Final Four [UPDATE – 6/27/2018]

thumbnail_IMG_7846REGION I qualified their entry on Saturday, June 16 at their Regional Finals. West Chester United takes the slot in the US Amateur Cup after a 2:0 win over Safira from Massachusetts.




Milwaukee Bavarians 2018 Region II Amateur Cup

REGION II is the first of the four to declare their Regional Champion, the Bavarian Soccer Club of Milwaukee. The club takes the first slot in the national final four after a 4:2 win over Quinto Elemento of Kansas on May 19.



kickers fc 2018 amateurREGION III is the second of the four regions to declare their Champion. Kickers FC of FL will represent region III in the national final four after winning the regional title on June  10.




36177092_1886739014724093_793220467468009472_nREGION IV qualified their regional champion, San Nicolas FC on June 24 in California. The last region to finish up qualifying doesn’t mean they will be last in the cup. It’s any club’s cup at this point. Here’s to Amateur Soccer!



You can keep track of the qualified clubs, the schedules and the scores at www.usamateurcup.com

As always follow the teams, clubs, state associations and the region. Get all the latest news at www.amateurcupmedia.com, Follow us on twitter @amateurcupmedia and join the community in our facebook group.


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