Family Culture Triumphs at US National Donauschwaben Tournament

OAKFORD, PA –  On Sunday, May Twenty-Seventh, Two Thousand Eighteen the United German Hungarians won their 3rd US National Donauschwaben Championship on home soil and took home for the first time the Mike Talan Wanderpokal.

There were celebrations. There were shaking of hands and hugs and smiles and laughter. There was a presentation of trophies to winners and losers and there sure was many drinks to be had. (maybe too many. we haven’t decided yet.)

The thing is, another article will highlight the utility of the win and the celebration and what that all means. This article is about something different.

When all was said and done on Sunday night at the Deutsch-Ungarn (German Hungarians) I saw grown men cry. They weren’t crying because their team lost. They weren’t crying because their team won either.

They were crying because the day was almost over. They were crying because it was time to part ways. It was time to go home. They were crying because family, a family of five plus clubs were separating. A family of a couple hundred people were saying, not goodbye, but see you soon.


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