PREVIEW: 2018 US Amateur Cup Final Four

On August 3rd the top four amateur soccer clubs in the country will be gathering at what’s becoming the holy land of amateur soccer these last few years, the Bavarian Soccer Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

West Chester United has become a powerhouse in Eastern Pennsylvania in recent years. They have claimed multiple United Soccer League of Pennsylvania Championships, have recently entered the NPSL, and won the 2015 Werner Fricker Open Cup Title. This year they are seeking their first US Amateur Cup Trophy and a few weeks later their Over-40 Side will be competing in Florida for that title.

The Bavarian Soccer Club is one of the most storied amateur clubs in the history of soccer in the United States. They currently hold US Amateur Cup titles from 1976, 2001, 2002, and 2003. They hold Werner Fricker Open Cup titles from 2003 and 2009. They have been the Region 2 Finalist for the US Amateur Cup the last three years and have hosted the final four those years as well. Does something have to give for the Bavarians this year? We will have to see. Oh yeah and the club just defeated RWB Adria to win the UPSL Midwest Championship.

Kickers FC are back again this year as well to the final four after an unsuccessful attempt last year. The Kickers  won the US Amateur Cup national title last in 2008 and previously in 1997 and 1990. The club also won the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup in 1997 and 2006. This could be the year for the club again to take a title in amateur cups. Their Over-40 side is set to play for that title later in August. Will it be the US Amateur, the Over-40, or both for the Kickers?

San Nicolas FC is the relative newcomer this year to the final four. They play in the UPSL Western Conference – Socal Division. They have won the  UPSL, the L.A Premier Soccer League, the Cup Jimador and are 4 time Champions of the Silver Mug in Las Vegas. San Nicolas is determined to be the Champion of the US Amateur Cup saying that they will raise the Fritz Marth trophy in Milwaukee.

Last season we asked What does the US Amateur Cup mean to you?

“Hotbeds have come and gone. Places like Fall River, Mass, Chicago, IL and Milwaukee Wisconsin have had multiple clubs win multiple times, and some even continue today.”

Really though it means something to us because as is the American way this Cup is any one of these club’s to win. We can speculate and have favorites but it all comes down to the ball on the field and the teams across from each other.

You can keep track of the qualified clubs, the schedules and the scores at

The final four matches will be streamed here.

As always follow the teams, clubs, state associations and the region. Get all the latest news at, Follow us on twitter @amateurcupmedia and join the community in our facebook group.



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