Bavarian SC Are 2018 Amateur Cup Champions and claim a 7th Star for the Crest

MILWAUKEE, On Saturday, August 4th, the Bavarian Soccer Club played 90+ minutes to win their 7th National title and lift their first Fritz Marth Trophy!

The final match was played against 2015 Werner Fricker Open Cup Champion West Chester United.

The Bavarians led the first half with two goals scored by Dogara Zamani (30′) and Vuk Latinovich (33′). At halftime the scoreline remained 2:0.

First Goal:

Second Goal:

The second half was just as competitive and hard played as the first though in the end the Bavarians held the scoreline and came out victorious.

The winning club has played in this final for for three years in a row and though they have many titles from the past, they do say that 3rd time’s a charm.

“It’s always and honor and a pleasure to award this trophy that was named after my father. It’s certainly wonderful to give it to one of our storied clubs. I’ve been here 3 years now and it’s great to give it to the Milwaukee Bavarians for the first time in 3 years.” – Fritz Marth, USASA Region I Director.

Just for good measure here’s he list of all of the clubs 7 stars:

  1. 1976 – US Amateur Cup Champions
  2. 2001 – US Amateur Cup Champions
  3. 2002 – US Amateur Cup Champions
  4. 2003 – US Amateur Cup Champions
  5. 2003 – Werner Fricker Open Cup Champions
  6. 2009 – Werner Fricker Open Cup Champions
  7. 2018 – US Amateur Cup Champions

Yes in 2003 they pulled the elusive double.

If you, like me, are still excited about this year’s game, you can watch it over again at USASA’s streaming site here.

The best thing though is that we get to do this all again starting this fall. If you are looking right now for something a little more celebratory, I’ll leave you with this one.

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See you all at the next US Amateur Cup match!

Featured Photo Credit: John P Motta.

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