West Chester United Plays for Something Bigger than One Club

This website today known as www.amateurcupmedia.com was founded in August 2015 after I attended what that year US Adult Soccer called the National Championship Series. That was the last year that the association held the Werner Fricker Open Cup and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup as true national championships.

West Chester United, a club from my local league, won the Open Title and I was there to witness it all in Virginia Beach. That year West Chester did something very special for the new uniform shirts that they wore in the finals. They adorned the shirt with the logo of Eastern PA Soccer, the USLPA, as well as the club logos of all the Major Division clubs in the league. That year the shirt had 6 club logos on it.

This year in 2018 at the US Amateur Cup Final 4 the shirt had 10 club logos on it.

“As we did in 2015, when we competed in the Werner Fricker Open Cup, we will once again be representing our league and all of the individual teams that make ‘us who we are’.” – Blaise Santangelo, Director – Head Coach

While the United Soccer League has grown because of clubs like West Chester and many others, they have maintained a high level of soccer and competition while still building a community of fair play and camaraderie. It’s visible in what the club does but also in the League’s image. They adorned their social media with nothing but support for WCUSC this past weekend.

In 2016, West Chester won the USASA Region I Rocco Amoroso Award for Fair Play after their wonderful fundraiser and soccer night with Newtown Pride in Connecticut. That spirit of community and fair play continues in West Chester United. It’s what clubs like this do that raises the importance of the US Amateur Cup.

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When the participants on both sides exemplify sportsmanship in the way they carry themselves at the National Final 4 regardless of outcome we see an important part of this competition. The US Amateur Cup is truly the best of the best of amateur clubs. They are the best on the field and the best in a greater national community of soccer.

“Thank you all for coming out. You are from a very soccer savvy state. We know that you guys have been a huge club in the country. I want to wish everyone on that side and Tom, great stuff. What a great club you have, we are so impressed. It’s hard to come and get into this especially for 2 years and to fight back to win it,” said Santangelo at the trophy presentations Saturday.

“Blaise, your team is phenomenal. You guys have a very bright future ahead of you. We lost 2 ahead of this one so we know what you are feeling right now. You guys should be very proud of what you accomplished for what that’s worth coming from me. You guys are a great team and we are very happy to have had the experience of playing you guys today,” said Bavarian Head Coach Patrick Hodgins, Saturday.

Ahead of the National Final 4, West Chester United unveiled their league adorned uniform to the local clubs in the league stating,

“I want to tell you how much it means to me to have relationships with each of you and your teams.  Because of what we have here in our league and in the Philadelphia area… we have become successful and have this opportunity to represent the region, the state, our league, and Philadelphia soccer.”

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See you all at the next US Amateur Cup match!

Featured Photo by Werner Fricker III


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