East Penn releases 2018-2019 Cup Application

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association has released their 2018-2019 Cup application. This cups season the state will be holding  Amateur, Open, Over-30, and Over-40 Competitions for men.


Deadline by 5 PM

Deadline by 5 PM
Werner Fricker Open Cup 9/20/18 $250 Men’s Over-40 Cup 2/09/2019 $150.00
Robert M. O’Neill Amateur Cup 9/20/18 $150
Norman S. Inazu Over 30 Cup 2/09/19 $150

The deadlines to enter for East Penn affiliated teams is 9/20/2018 for the Open and the Amateur. The deadlines for the Over-30 and Over-40 are 2/09/2019. You can download the application at the link below.

Last year West Chester United went all the way to the National Final of the Amateur falling to Bavarian Soccer Club. Their Over-40 side went to nationals as well but did not come out victorious. Vereinigung Erzgebirge took the East Penn Open title and the German Hungarians took the East Penn Over-30 title. All of these clubs play in the historic United Soccer League of Pennsylvania.

Eastern Pennsylvania Website

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