New Season, Same Old-Time Soccer

I remember my dad sitting across the field on the player-bench wearing a black windbreaker with white Adidas three-stripe trim and dark sunglasses. He used to sit concentrating on the match. The teams? It was probably Vereinigung Erzgebirge playing against our German Hungarians. Classic match. Classic clubs. Green vs. Red on a fall or winter day just like Christmas.

A day like that could have been weekly competitive Major Division ball in the local USLPA or it could have been a State Amateur or Open Cup Match. While dad was in charge on the sideline along with a few others, the 11 of our men on the field were like superheroes to a kid like me or my brother. They were, to us, the soccer players. Other than the few names we knew that played on our National Team representing the United States, the guys that were playing for our club were the best out there.

Today as the players that play on our team are much closer to my own age or younger than me, I look at them as representing me and my club but also an entire amateur level of the game of soccer that exists out there.

It’s a level of the game that quite literally is the foundation of everything we have in soccer in the United States today.

It might feel like amateur soccer men and women are saying that often and a lot, but I will tell you that those women and those men are far from holding desperately on to an age gone by. Those women and those men are in the trenches of soccer today. They are running teams, and clubs and running leagues, and states, and competitions. They are running regions and national associations.

They also pride themselves in being Amateur with a capital “A.” What they do has heart in it. It isn’t for a paycheck. It isn’t their job or their livelihood. It’s a game. It’s their game.  And it will keep moving forward. Some say “Soccer Your Game for Life,” some others say simply, “We Play Soccer.” My club says “Continuing a Proud Tradition.”

I’m saying this season, Old-Time Soccer. 

That to me doesn’t mean players over the hill or past prime. It doesn’t mean ground lime touchlines or kangaroo leather boots with egg carton shin guards. It doesn’t mean orange slices, (though maybe it should).

For, Old-Time Soccer means high level, competitive, traditional, fight for the win, amateur soccer with a culture and a family that is most certainly on and off the field.

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Featured Photo courtesy of the United German Hungarians 



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