Region I Rounds of the 2019 Werner Fricker Open Cup

REGION I, Through the regional website, the below information was released about the upcoming rounds of the Werner Fricker Open Cup in the region.

The 2019 Region I cup qualifiers are around the corner. We kick off with a first round match in the Amateur Cup on 7 April and conclude with the finals at the Ukrainian American Sports Center in Horsham, Pennsylvania the weekend of 15 & 16 June.

We had more than 140 teams compete at various levels among 10 of our State Associations to reach the Regional rounds. Our Region winners will move on to national finals.

-from the Region I website

Quarterfinals – 14 April

  • New Jersey v Lansdowne Yonkers FC (ENY)
  • Massachusetts v CT Croatia (CT)
  • BSC Raiders (WNY) v Philadelphia Lone Star FC (EPA)
  • Maryland v Real VSA (WV)

Semifinals – 5 May

  • New Jersey/Lansdowne Yonkers FC v Massachusetts/CT Croatia
  • BSC Raiders/Philadelphia Lone Star FC v Maryland/Real VSA

Final – Sunday, 16 June
Ukrainian American Sports Center

You can find more information at the Regional Website.

Remember to use the #oldtimesoccer on social media.

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