Soccer & Media: Bavarian Hype Video in 2019

MILWAUKEE, Before we start, click the video below and watch. You won’t regret it:

I watched this the first time without the sound when I was at work and then with the sound later. The Milwaukee Bavarians are 90 years old this year. Don’t think for a second that makes them obsolete or past prime. Somehow the club connects its past to its present and looks still to the future.

“Here at Bavarian Soccer Club, we are professional…ly amateur. We work hard, and play hard! All in the name of soccer.”

The caption of the video highlights the clubs personality as a group proud to be amateur soccer people. This thing is they are some of the best people at it. Not sure about that? They have 8 national titles ranging between 1976 and 2018.

A club that is 90 years old, isn’t re-inventing itself in 2019 with social media like this. No, with history behind a club like the Bavarians this is just the next step in a story woven into the fabric of not just the Bavarians but American Soccer itself.

I love soccer and media and this kind of video is what I like to see regardless of who the club is. For this one though if you are interested in finding out more check out Bavarian SC.

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