Your Guide to Amateur Soccer on Social Media in 2019

In an effort to spread the word of Amateur Soccer we formulated the below information as a guide to the game online in social media specifically. These are the places below you should be following, in our humble opinion:

HONORABLE MENTION: The Bavarian Soccer club is quite well know and the have a lot of history in general and in amateur soccer cups as well. If you aren’t already their social media accounts are great follows. In addition we suggest following Bob Gansler on twitter as he posts great history of the club with images and match results and its downright great. Gansler is the son of Bob Gansler who coached the national Team at one time.

You may or may not know that in the USA there are more than 50 State Soccer Associations and that is due in part to large states that are split and some states that are joint states with youth associations and so on and so forth. While not all these states have social media a lot do and that’s why we maintain these twitter lists for each regions states. We try to keep these updated but this a great place to keep an eye on what’s going on in soccer in other states. 

  • USASA Region IV States – List
  • USASA Region III States – List
  • USASA Region II States – List
  • USASA Region I States – List




CHECK OUT our Resources Page for more links to soccer content



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