Club Tryzub: The Ukrainian Nationals

We’ve tagged “Ukrainian American Sport Center” in twelve articles here at Amateur Cup media. Those posts date back to 2015 right around the time we started this website. For the last five years (and most likely longer than that) USASA Region I has held their regional finals weekend on the weekend of Father’s day in Horsham at the home of the historic Ukrainian Nationals Soccer Club.

Tryzub in GreeneryAnyone that’s ever been to the facility will have noticed, aside from a top notch Amateur Soccer park, clubhouse, picnic area with good food and drink, a certain symbol emblazoned around the grounds and on the building. Sometimes it is even recreated in landscaping.

Lesser_Coat_of_Arms_of_Ukraine.svgThe Tryzub is the coat of arms of Ukraine and it usually features a blue shield with a gold trident. Blue and gold are the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The symbol was adopted in the modern Ukraine in 1918 with its design based on preceding seals and coats of arms from other dynasties.

The trident symbol is also found at the center of the badge of the Ukrainian National Soccer Club and though pictured below in shaded of blue and gold it is often in red and black the traditional colors of the soccer club.

Ukrainian Nationals Logo BlueThe club Tryzub acquired the Philadelphia Nationals professional soccer team that played in the American Soccer League. Renamed the Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals the club went on to have major successes in ASL, and in US Open Cup. They appeared in the 1956 US Amateur Cup Final losing to Kutis S.C. of St. Louis, MO, a club that went on to win the next five years consecutively and another two times after that. The Ukrainians won the US Open Cup 4 times in 1960, 1961, 1963, and 1966 and have been to the finals 5 times. The club currently plays in the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania their local league where they have three adult teams in the Major, Major II, and Major Women divisions.

In 1983, the club purchased 38 acres of farmland in Horsham, Pennsylvania and transformed them into a premier amateur soccer venue with Class A fields, lighting, a clubhouse, banquet room, and festival and picnic pavilions, stage and grove….An exceptionally dedicated crew of coaches and parents and a consistently creative and dynamic leadership have made “Our Club” a most desirable place for children, juniors and adults to play soccer and to sharpen their skills.

Recently the Ukrainian American Sport Center added a full size lighted turf field which has made an already great facility even better. This coming weekend, the four Region I finals for the Over-40, Over-30, Open, and Amateur cups will take place on this field.

Oh, and on Sunday, June 16 the club is hosting their annual Father’s Day Festival in addition to the Regional Finals. The festival program begins at 1:00pm and features VOLOSHKY SCHOOL OF DANCE with Accordionist: Ivan Zhytnykov, SOLOVEYKY” (Nightingale) Vocal Ensemble, “SWORDS OF THE KOBZARS”  Bandurist Quartet, and KRAINIAN POLKA, MODERN and BALLROOM SOCIAL DANCE with Music and Song by: IHOR SYPEN. All of this along with Authentic Ukrainian baked goods and picnic fair.

Hey, you might even see a few more instances of that “Tryzub!”

Tryzub Ukrainian Dancers


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