Finale of Cup Season is 2019 ‘Championship of Regions’ [UPDATE – 08/07/2019]

Shield_Champ_OfRegions(JPG)ELKRIDGE, MD – USASA Region I, II, and III have announced what they are calling this year the Championship of Regions to take place August 16 and 17 at Troy Park in Elkridge Maryland. The Werner Fricker Open, Gerhard Mengel Over-30 and the Over-40 National Cup finals will be played that weekend.

Region I released the below press release regarding the weekend at



The finale of the 2019 cup season is the Championship of Regions with teams from Region I, Region II & Region III competing for three titles. Region I and the Maryland State Soccer Association will host the event at Troy Park in Elkridge, Maryland on 16 & 17 August. 

Friday will be the semifinals with the third place match and finals on Saturday. Region I will have two participants in each category playing against the winners of Region II & Region III. 

Region champion Lansdowne Yonkers FC of Eastern New York face Ft Wayne SC of Indiana & Region II while finalist Yinz United of Maryland hosts ASC New Stars of South Texas & Region III in the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship.

The Gerhard Mengel Cup, the Over-30 Championship, features Region I winner Pancyprian Freedom O30 of Eastern New York against AAC Eagles O30 of Illinois & Region II as finalist Maryland Bays meet up against Nashville United FC of Tennessee & Region III. Nashville United FC won the Cup last season.

The last competition is the National Over-40 Cup with Region I champion West Chester United of Eastern Pennsylvania taking on Illinois side Jake Stars Punishers from Region II along with runner-up Fairfield GAC FC of Connecticut squaring off against defending national champion Kickers FC O40 of Florida & Region III.


  • Werner Fricker Cup – Amateur Open Championship
  • Friday, 16 August – Semifinals
    • 8:00pm: Lansdowne Yonkers FC (Region I/Eastern New York) vs. Ft Wayne SC (Region II/Indiana)
    • 8:00pm: Yinz United (Region I/Maryland) vs. ASC New Stars (Region III/Texas South)
  • Saturday, 17 August – Third Place & Final
  • Gerhard Mengel Cup – Over-30 Championship
  • Friday, 16 August – Semifinals
    • 6:00pm: Maryland Bays (Region I/Maryland) vs. Nashville United FC (Region III/Tennessee)
    • 8:00pm: Pancyprian Freedom O30 (Region I/Eastern New York) vs. AAC Eagles O30 (Region II/Illinois)
  • Saturday, 17 August – Third Place & Final
  • National Over-40 Cup
  • Friday, 16 August – Semifinals
    • 6:00pm: West Chester United (Region I/Eastern Pennsylvania) vs. Jakes Stars Punishers (Region II/Illinois)
    • 6:00pm: Fairfield GAC FC (Region I/Connecticut) vs. Kickers FC O40 (Region III/Florida)
  • Saturday, 17 August – Third Place & Final
    • 4:00pm: Third Place
    • 6:00pm: Championship Final


  • Werner Fricker Cup – Amateur Open Championship
    • Lansdowne Yonkers FC (ENY)
    • Yinz United (MD)
    • Ft Wayne SC (IN)
    • ASC New Stars (TXS)
  • Gerhard Mengel Cup – Over-30 Championship
    • Pancyprian Freedom O30 (ENY)
    • Maryland Bays (MD)
    • AAC Eagles O30 (IL)
    • Nashville United FC (TN)
  • National Over-40 Cup
    • West Chester United (EPA)
    • Fairfield GAC FC (CT)
    • Jakes Stars Punishers (IL)
    • Kickers FC O40 (FL)


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