Newtown Pride FC are 2019 Amateur Cup Champions and take a Star back Home to their Community

CHICAGO, in a whopping 4:0 win over Horizon FC of Texas South, the Connecticut side won their first national title capturing the 2019 US Amateur Cup Championship.

The boys from Newtown even played a man down near the end of the match having had a player sent off.

Newtown Pride has been in the cup circuit in Region I for a few years now and we have even written about their community exploits here before. Community is what comes to mid when Newtown Pride is mentioned. They were founded in 1998 but the club picked up a special cause in 2012 unfortunately after a tragedy shook their community. To this day somehwere on their uniforms you will see the date 12.14.12. According to

The club was officially founded in 1998 By head Coach Michael Svanda & Son Matt Svanda. Character is the most important quality we look for in players. In 2012 Our club dedicated our play to give back to the community of Sandy Hook for the long term betterment of the community. We also aim to raise awareness & spread love in as many communities across the country through the game of soccer in honor of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

This week they earned a Natioinal Championship and a Star for their crest. Its no doubt that they will take both of those things back to Newtoen with well earned pride.

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Featured Photo Credit: US Adult Soccer


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