US Adult Soccer Cancels 2020 National Competitions

CHICAGO, US Adult Soccer has announced the cancelation of the Hank Steinbrecher Cup, the US Amateur Cup, and the Adult Soccer Fest for 2020.

“The uncertainty of this virus left us with no other solution. We continue to pray that this virus is contained soon and that we can all focus on getting our players and teams back onto the fields to continue playing the sport that we all love.”

-John P Motta, US Adult Soccer President

By email on Wednesday, April 8th the association released an update about the summer competitions. This information was also released via

In these uncertain times we need to be cautious and as similar organizations have done, canceling competitions makes sense.

People in this community, players, coaches, referees, and administrators want to play soccer so canceling a game or a competition is not good news. That said if its not safe to play its always the right call.

From a hsitoric perspective it is worth noting that the last time there was a year with no winner of the US Amateur Cup was 1923 when the final was not completed due to inclement weather. 2020 will get a new asterisk in the cup history, however make no mistake COVID-19 will not stop amateur soccer from playing in the future.


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