East Penn: 2020-2021 Amateur & Open Brackets

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, Via ZOOM Cloud Meeting on Monday night, October 5, 2020, the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association conducted its draw for the 2020-2021 US Amateur and Werner Fricker Open Cups.

Representatives from all entered teams took part in the call and the draw itself was pulled by Office Administrator, Joanne Neal oversaw by State Cup Commissioner Blaise Santangelo.

1Colonial SC (USLPA)1Colonial SC (USLPA)
2Inter Vidas (USLPA)2Lancaster City FC (USLPA)
3Lancaster City FC (USLPA)3Lighthouse United (USLPA)
4Lighthouse United (USLPA)4Philadelphia Lone Star II (UPSL)
5Philadelphia Lone Star (EPSL)5Phoenix SC (USLPA)
6Phoenix SC (USLPA)6Ukrainian Nationals (USLPA)
7Ukrainian Nationals (USLPA)7United German Hungarians (USLPA)
8United German Hungarians (USLPA)8Vereinigung Erzgebirge (USLPA)
9Vereinigung Erzgebirge (USLPA)9West Chester United (USLPA)
10Vereinigung Erzgebirge Reserves (USLPA)10West Chester Reserves (USLPA)
11West Chester United (USLPA)
12West Chester Reserves (USLPA)

Most of the entries come from the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania, the oldest and considered the top amateur league in the state. Philadelphia Lone Star is a regular entry and fierce competitor entering their first team (EPSL) in the Amateur and their second team (UPSL) in the Open.

The USLPA league twitter shared handwritten brackets shortly after the draw was completed. The full brackets are available at the top of the article for download.


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