The Media Center for Amateur Soccer & the US Amateur Cup

US Amateur Cup Media exists to independently promote the organized, competitive, amateur soccer offered by the National State Associations.

This media center is not affiliated with U.S. Adult Soccer, but seeks to increase the visibility and the prestige of its regions, state associations, leagues, clubs, players and therefore their high level competitions.

Here we focus coverage on the US Amateur Cup, its Fritz Marth Trophy, as well as the regional Werner Fricker Open Cup and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup.

Michael Fricker grew up in amateur soccer at the German Hungarians. Within the club he is the Publicity & Editorial Chairman and is part of the Major Division team staff. He manages social media for the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania. Fricker is a writer, social media manager, and designer. This site is evidence to his commitment of the amateur game and his love of the U.S. Amateur Cup. For more of his writing check out his website.