FOUNDED: USASA determines own Open Cup Champion, 1999
Named for Werner Fricker, 2000
USASA Discontinues it, 2015
FIRST CHAMP: Brooklyn Field Club, 1914
REIGNING CHAMP: Christos FC, 2018

In 1999, USASA began determining its own open champion. Shortly thereafter in 2000 the cup was named in honor of Werner Fricker.

For the results of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup from 1914 to present please visit thecup.us


1999 United German Hungarians of Oakford, PA

2000 Mexico F.C. of Selma, CA

2001 Uruguay of Davie, FL

2002 A.A.C. Eagles of Chicago, IL

2003 Milwaukee Bavarians of Milwaukee, WI *

2004 Chico Rooks of Chico, CA

2005 Baltimore Colts of Fallston, MD

2006 Sonoma Co. SOL, NPSL

2007 El Paso Indios USA, NPSL

2008 Pancyprian Freedoms, ENY

2009 Milwaukee Bavarians, WI

2010 Pancyprian Freedoms, ENY

2011 Pancyprian Freedoms, ENY

2012 Croatian Eagles SC, WI

2013 Rayados, TXS

2014 Maryland Bays, MD

2015 West Chester United, PA

  • On May, 30 2015 the United States Adult Soccer Association National Board of Directors voted to “eliminate the USASA Open Cup (currently called the Werner Fricker Cup), beginning in 2016 and allow any USASA registered player to participate in what is currently known as the National Amateur Cup. (Source: usadultsoccer.com)

2016 Christos FC, MD *
(Regions I & II competed)

2017 Lansdowne Bhoys, NY *
(Regions I, II, and III competed)

2018 Christos FC, MD
(Regions I, II, and III competed)

2019 Lansdowne Yonkers FC, NY
(Regions I, II, and III competed)



  • Region I – blue
  • Region II – red
  • Region III – green
  • Region IV – yellow

* Won both Werner Fricker Open Cup and U.S. Amateur Cup

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