Amateur Soccer Timeline: Philly German-Americans first club to win consecutive Amateur Cup Titles 1933-1934

April 23, 1933 The Philadelphia German-Americans win their first US Amateur Cup in 1933. The match ended in a 5:1 win over Pittsburgh McKnight Beverage. April 21, 1934  In 1934 the Philadelphia German Americans become the first club to win consecutive US Amateur Cup Championships in a 2:1 win over Pittsburgh Heidelberg SC. "The German... Continue Reading →


Amateur Soccer Timeline: Co-Champions in 1928 & the start of the Fall River Dynasty

A unique situation happened in 1928. The Championship final of the US Amateur Cup that year ended in a tie and the record shoes that Swedish Americans F.C. of Detroit, MI and Hudson Powers Essex S.C. of Fall River, MA were declared co-champions, the only time in the history of the competition. 1928 is the... Continue Reading →

Amateur Soccer Timeline: Fleischer Yarn FC 3:0 Chicago Swedish- Americans in 1924

April 20, 1924 The first Champions of the Amateur Cup took their title in 1924. That was the manufacturing company soccer team of SB & BW Fleisher Manufacturing Company in Philadelphia. David Litterer notes the score line of the final match as 3:0 over the Chicago Swedish-Americans.

Amateur Soccer Timeline: National Amateur Cup Established in 1923

1923 For the 1922-1923 season the entries in the National Challenge cup were so great that US Football Association established the Amateur Challenge Cup. The competition that year, though it was played to the semi-finals, never crowned a champion due to weather conditions. 1924 In 1924, therefore the first Champions were crowned. That team was... Continue Reading →

The National Challenge Cup was founded in 1913. The first Champion was crowned in 1914. has a great year-by-year history you can peruse!

Amateur Soccer Timeline: Organizing 1884-1913

1884 In 1884 an organization called the American Football Association was formed in New Jersey with the goal of uniting the soccer playing cities in the east to standardize the rules. 1913 By 1913 a new organization was formed in the United States Football Association. On May 30th 1913 in New York, that representatives from... Continue Reading →

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