We are now on facebook!

Today Amateur Cup Media joined Facebook with a new group.   You can access the group and ask to join at the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmateurCupMedia/  You will be prompted to answer a few questions to join but these are just to make sure you are a real person! 😎


Soccer Man: Fact & Fiction

I couldn’t sleep last night. Maybe I should say I woke up a little too early actually. What’s a 24-year-old to do? Fire up twitter. We are getting into Cup season and to me that’s the U.S. Amateur Cup, the Werner Fricker Open, and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30. So, my soccer twitter usage has been... Continue Reading →

How is the U.S. Amateur Cup Structured?

Some things you know, and you just know them. One of our goals here is to promote the U.S. Amateur Cup being the media center for coverage of it. We've noticed recently that as the visibility of the competition grows more and more clubs are aware of it, but some are not totally in the... Continue Reading →

What is Amateur Soccer?

So my team lost last night. They lost big. I’m talking four goals to our big zero. I wasn’t there at the match because the club was hosting two big local semifinal matches in the Philadelphia Catholic league. That’s high school level and that’s also when all the rents and such still come to their... Continue Reading →

There’s Fight in Amateur Soccer

We had a few old timers around the club that used to say when they stopped coming to the matches every Sunday things like “I can get better soccer on my Tv these days” but most of us knew that was an excuse to not have to go out. I was thinking about Amateur Soccer... Continue Reading →

What does the US Amateur Cup mean to you?

Many years ago on the shining American continent a golden age of powerful clubs and the top notch players drove huge interest in national competitions and wrought an Amateur Challenge Cup to complement the already standing National Challenge Cup. The National Amateur Cup lives on today in the hands of the United States Adult Soccer... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Central to the amateur game

I started a venture with the following message, This site needs the support of its audience, but it needs too, the support of the Regions, the State Associations, the leagues, clubs, players, and administrators of our game. Just under a year later, while I won't say we've arrived at that, I will say that we... Continue Reading →

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