NY Greek Americans: ENYSSA 2018 WF Open Cup Champs

EASTERN NEW YORK,On Tuesday, December 5, the NY Greek Americans took another Eastern New York title winning the Werner Fricker Open Cup State Final 7:6 over the Lansdowne Bhoys. The high scoreline was a result of penalty kicks after a scoreless regulation and overtime. Eastern New York State Association tweeted a link to watch the... Continue Reading →


Vereinigung Erzgebirge: East Penn 2018 WF Open Cup Champs

TREVOSE, On Sunday, December 3, Vereinigung Erzgebirge took the Eastern Pennsylvania Werner Fricker Open cup title and the slot in the regional rounds of the competition. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fvesoccer%2Fphotos%2Fa.715271745282620.1073741828.715171405292654%2F1037018373107954%2F%3Ftype%3D3&width=500 The match ended regulation with a 1:1 draw. Erzgebirge scored three goals on the first 15 minute overtime. Then they put another past the keeper in the second... Continue Reading →

Christos FC: Maryland Treble Champions 2017

MARYLAND, Christos FC return in 2017 for the Maryland Rowland Cup, the Maryland Stewart Cup, and the Maryland Over-30 Cup 2016-2017 titles. The Rowland Cup is the state's Open Cup and has been played all the way back to 1914. The Stewart Cup is the state's Amateur Cup that was first played in 1932. Winning all... Continue Reading →

New Jersey: 2017 Amateur, Open, & O-30 Schedules

NEW JERSEY, The cup competitions for the US Amateur Cup, the Werner Fricker Open Cup, and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30 Cup are set to begin in March so that they will be completed in time for the beginning of the Region I rounds in April. More information is available at the state website. US Amateur Cup FC MOTOWN... Continue Reading →

Lansdowne Bhoys: ENYSSA Dual Champions 2017

EASTERN NEW YORK, Lansdowne Bhoys have won the 2016-2017 Eastern New York US Amateur Cup as well as the 2016-2017 Eastern New York Werner Fricker Open Cup. These wins make the club dual champions! In a 8:1 win over NY Polet on 11.30.16, the Bhoys won their first Fricker Cup! https://twitter.com/CosmoLeague/status/805088985169219585 In a 3:1 win over... Continue Reading →

Junior Lone Star: EPSA Dual Champions 2017

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, Junior Lone Star has taken the state titles in the US Amateur and the Werner Fricker Open Cups in East Penn for 2016-2017. In a 3:1 win over the Ukrainian Nationals on 12.4.16, the Stars took the Amateur Cup for the state. The full bracket for the 2016-2017 EPSA Amateur Cup is available... Continue Reading →

Eastern NY: 2016 Amateur, Open, & O-30 Cup Brackets [UPDATE]

EASTERN NEW YORK, Cup competitions are under way in Eastern New York. In addition to their other state specific cups, ENYSSA holds the US Amateur Cup, Werner Fricker Open Cup, and the Gerhard Mengel Over-30. The Lansdowne Bhoys have taken the Eastern New York Open Cup and US Amateur titles while NY Greek Americans have won the... Continue Reading →

Maryland: Amateur, Open, & O-30 Registration

MARYLAND, The Maryland State Soccer Association registration for entry in their state cup competitions will be open through December 9. That date is the entry deadline. They are hosting the Amateur, Open, and O-30. Maryland will hold the following cups beginning January, 2017: Stewart Cup (US Amateur Cup) Rowland Cup (Werner Fricker Open Cup) Maryland Over-30... Continue Reading →

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